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The Kieran Maxwell Legacy at CCLG is raising funds to support research into Ewing sarcoma and all childhood cancers.

Kieran's mum Nicola shares Kieran's story:

Kieran was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma on 29th October 2010.  We were told we were very lucky as Kieran’s tumour was only located his left tibia.  After diagnosis Kieran started chemotherapy the following day.  He went from being a very active child who was never in the house to a boy who had a full leg cast on and was in a wheelchair.

He had 5 months of intensive chemotherapy where although his tumour was completely dead it hadn’t shrunk enough to save his leg.  On 31st March 2011 he had his left leg amputated through the knee. Two weeks later he restarted his maintenance form of chemotherapy.  This chemo lasted a further 7 months and on 3rd October 2011 he was considered cancer free.

Because Kieran had localised disease we were told the chance of his cancer returning was low and that he had a 70% chance of being alive in 5 years.  (Please remember this for later on).

Kieran started  his rehabilitation to learn to walk again.  This was a painful process as he hadn’t walked for over a year and his muscles had wasted away so he had to build his strength up again.  He started to do Sports Acro gymnastics to help build his strength up as he was selected to carry the Olympic Torch when it came through our town.  He found he had a flair for it and started to compete locally then after only 1 year he had done enough to qualify for the NDP National Championships.

8 days before this competition we learnt  his cancer had returned. He delayed his treatment so he could compete and he won GOLD.  With the 3rd highest score of the day and this included mainstream competitors.

Kieran treatment was different to the first time and was more intense. He had 6 cycles of chemotherapy, part of his left lung removed and a stem cell transplant. The stem cell transplant is similar to a bone marrow transplant but he received his own cells back instead of donor cells.  This treatment was more intense than the previous one and only took 6 months.

Since he had reached the highest he could with his gymnastics he decided to change to athletics.  So while on his chemo he did the mini Great North Run and the Richard Whitehead 5km Fun Run.  This was also 2 weeks after having part of his lung removed.  Kieran isn’t a quitter and wanted to prove just how strong oncology kids are.  Even if they are slowly being poisoned by chemotherapy to save them.

He carried on training and 2 months after completing his treatment he started to train with the Darlington Harriers and focused on getting back to his physical fitness.

The chemo this time had taken a lot out of him taking over 2 years to start developing and making progress with his sport.  He is now classified as a T42 sprinter and was aiming for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.  Kieran represented his country at the Brazilian Paralympic School games in 2015 winning Gold.

Unfortunately at a routine chest xray we learnt that his cancer Ewing’s Sarcoma had returned and it was now around his heart and lung.  There is nothing else to be done.  Kieran is now terminal.

Kieran decided against having any further treatment as it will not be curative and he didn’t want to spend the time he has left ill and in hospital he wants to focus on raising awareness of Ewing’s Sarcoma and improving the time it takes to diagnosis a child with cancer.

If you remember before I said to remember that Kieran had a 70% chance of being alive in 5 years well it is now 5 years since he finished treatment the first time but Kieran is now terminal.  5 year survival figures do not mean that they are cured it means that they are alive.  For ones like Kieran that are still are here it looks good in the statistics but it is not good results 70% are alive but are they still living with the recurrent disease?

For this Kieran is working with the CCLG to meet these aims.  It is to late for Kieran but lets make his dream a reality so more children are diagnosed earlier and hopefully have a better outcome.

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A Hummersknott mum



A brave young man who had been through more in his short life than most people his age, showing courage and spirit which can only be admired. I hope the pride his family feels helps and supports them as they reflect on their memories of him this Christmas




Much love xx

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Found you on The Last Leg facebook and read your story. So sorry for your loss. xxx

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Go Gold for Kieran Maxwell

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In Kieran's memory.




Togrther we can help to save lives and beat childhood cancers. In memory of Kieron RIP. Xxxxxx


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