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The CASEVAC* Club has been formed as a private members’ club in order to unify the WOUNDED community from Operations HERRICK and TELIC. 

 *Mil abbr. ‘Casualty Evacuation’, pronounced ‘cazzy-vack’.

 Through coming together as a community, the unique experiences of these individuals can be used to empower and support members and their close relations.  The Club will allow the collective voice of the community to be heard in considerations and discussions concerning medical provision and medical advancements and to support a range of charitable objectives.

 This year, The CASEVAC Club will be raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital through a range of challenges - please watch this space for opportunities to support our fund raising efforts and help us reach our target of £22,859.

 This sum will enable GOSH to purchase a state-of-the-art S-Nerve ultrasound. A crucial piece of equipment that allows hospital teams to carefully deliver anaesthetic to children in preparation for surgery. The machine produces high resolution scans quickly, giving surgeons immediate access to the images they need to administer anaesthetic into specific areas of the body with pinpoint accuracy. Operators can toggle between different kinds of scan with a simple tap of the touchscreen, allowing them to quickly adapt the scanner to image different parts of the body. The ultrasound helps to ensure that children receive precisely the right amount of anaesthetic, in exactly the right place, making the procedure as safe and comfortable as possible. The ultrasound machines will primarily be used ahead of abdominal surgery on the stomach, bowel, oesophagus and urinary system, or operations on some tumours.

 The scanners will be used in brand-new theatres in the Premier Inn Clinical Building. These theatres are fully integrated, meaning all main systems - including lighting, surgical equipment and audiovisual systems - are suspended from the ceiling and linked by a central computer system. These kinds of theatres are particularly well suited to keyhole surgery. Most surgical procedures at GOSH involve keyhole surgery, performed through a tiny 2mm incision rather than open surgery. This revolutionary technique means children spend less time under general anesthesia and recover more quickly, helping them to get home sooner.

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CASEVAC Spartan Race

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Soldier Up The Yukon

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£10.00 (+ £2.50 giftaid)

Go on Dave xx

Donna and Roger


£50.00 (+ £12.50 giftaid)

Wishing you all the best BDH for your 10k swim hoping you raise shed loads of money for this excellent cause. Donna and Roger xx



£20.00 (+ £5.00 giftaid)

Go Dave!




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