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We are fundraising to give Tobias a chance of the future he deserves. He has exhausted treatment options on the NHS and future ground-breaking treatment comes at a huge price.

Tobias Duncan-Hambolu was born on 28th September 2016. He is the sweetest, happiest little boy, who loves to cuddle and play, and brings so much joy to his mummy, Katharine, and his daddy, Isaac.

 When Toby was 8 weeks old, doctors found a lump in his stomach and he was eventually diagnosed with Infantile Fibrosarcoma. This is an extremely rare malignant (cancerous) tumour that originates in the connective fibrous tissue that spreads rapidly.

Toby has already had major surgery and the placement of a feeding tube. Unfortunately, the first chemotherapy did not work, and he grew 3 new tumours in a matter of weeks.  Toby has since been placed on a more intensive course of chemotherapy to which he has responded to so far.

This is an exceptionally rare type of childhood tumour, and Toby’s tumour is behaving in a way that is much more aggressive that most cases of Infantile Fibrosarcoma. Of all the children in the UK that relapsed on initial treatment of this tumour type, ALL have gone on relapse again and did not survive.

The chance of Toby relapsing, therefore is extremely high, and if and when this occurs, the next options in the UK are bleak. He would be faced with either radical surgery with removal of major organs, or radiotherapy which could only buy time and is exceptionally damaging to such a young baby. He however may have another chance if we can raise the funds.

This is a revolutionary medical trial taking place in the US and Spain, which uses a medication which directly targets the gene fusion that causes Toby's tumour. The trial has been getting very promising results, and could be vital for Toby. But the treatment comes at a cost and is not available on the NHS. The drug company has agreed to donate the cost of the medicine itself, but the remainder of the treatment and investigations would need to be funded by the family and are extremely expensive.

Costs could extend into hundreds of thousands of pounds; far out of his family’s reach.

Toby deserves a chance at life. Everyone who is lucky enough to meet him can't help but fall in love with his smile and infectious giggles. This ground-breaking immunotherapy will almost certainly be his best chance of a future and also help pave the way to help other children too. So far 100% of children in his position have relapsed and not survived, something that it just unthinkable for this beautiful little boy. Should Toby no longer need the funds, they will be used for general charitable purposes to fulfil the work of the Grace Kelly Ladybird Trust for childhood cancer awareness and research into rare solid tumours of childhood.

Please donate all you can, set up fundraising challenges, events and spread the word to give this little boy a chance of a future.

Thank you.

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Wishing you all the best Isaac bro, Tobias keep fighting!




Little fighter! xx






God Bless You my Darling Tobias xxx

Karen Ellis


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I am sorry I can’t give more to help ... I will do the same next month and for as long as I can



Praying Tobias gets cured and well.

Ester or Luna_vibe



I love you Tobias and Mama bear idc about those numbers Tobias my king you will prove them all wrong so much life to live I will fight right by mama and papa bear Amazing KingTobias

Miriam Shearer



For Team Damian!







May God watch over you Tobias! Xox


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