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Robert and his parents in the MediCinema

Robert with his parents

“The difference that MediCinema has made to Robert’s time in hospital is incredible. They’ve given him something to look forward to and they’ve put a smile back on his face. Please support their Christmas Appeal and help MediCinema continue their work throughout the festive period and long into the New Year.”

Eunice, Robert’s mum 

Eunice’s son, Robert, suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, an incurable condition that causes his muscles to weaken.  In May this year, he suffered a bout of pneumonia so severe it caused his heart to stop. Thankfully, doctors were able to save his life by a fitting a tracheostomy and ventilator, but understandably, the experience left Robert feeling extremely anxious and unable to move about freely.

After four months Robert was still in ITU. He hadn’t left the ward once.

Luckily, however, one of Robert’s nurses knew about the hospital’s MediCinema and after some gentle persuasion by the cinema manager, Sheila, she convinced Robert to give it a go. She felt it would give him something to look forward to and hopefully ease his troubles.

And it did!

Once the lights went down, Robert was transported into another world and for the first time in months, he felt like himself again. When he returned to the ward, his nurses immediately saw a positive change in him. One of them even commented that he was the happiest she’d ever seen him.

Eunice explains: “When Robert went to the ward after the screening, all the nurses said how much better he seemed. He was so much more positive and probably the happiest I’ve seen him in month.

“Now Robert goes to MediCinema as often as possible. It gives him a break from ITU, he gets to see all the latest films and we get to spend some quality time together as a family.  MediCinema really has helped make his hospital stay more bearable. And I can’t thank them enough.”

It costs £12 to give one patient a night at the movies. Please donate £12, or whatever you can afford, to give the gift of film to sick children and adults, like Robert. Thank you.

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£11.00  Brings the magic of cinema to one patient

£33.00  Gives one child and parents a trip to the cinema

£72.00  Funds one nurse at a MediCinema screening

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keep up with the good work

lorenzo mele


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such a great project

Marion O'Byrne


£12.00 (+ £3.00 giftaid)

What a difference the medicinema makes to patients and their families

Barry Denmead