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An artist's impression of the tunnel under the railway line

We need to raise £1,000,000 by 2019 to fund an essential tunnel under a major Lichfield railway line!

The Lichfield Canal route takes us under the busy Cross-city railway line from Lichfield to Birmingham. To get through this obstacle we need to build a tunnel.

This would always be a hugely difficult obstacle in terms of railway management, especially as there are foundations for overhead line electrification equipment, but we have another issue...  

There are plans by County Highways to extend the Lichfield Southern Bypass by building a tunnel for the new road under the same railway line. 

It will be immensely more difficult, and substantially more expensive, to build our tunnel after the road is completed, so we need to build our tunnel at the same time as the road tunnel and the work must begin many months before that.

The County Highways have an Agreement in Principle with Network Rail to drive the road through and install a new tunnel for the road during a brief possession of the line, in late 2019.

We need to raise £1,000,000 by early 2019 to make sure our tunnel happens at the same time.

Will 25 years of successful restoration be “stopped in its tracks” and placed beyond reach? 

Help us see it through.

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A wonderful project.



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