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The event is a 24-mile, 24-hour swim challenge, outside on 20th April 2019 at Guildford Lido. Unfortunately, this is not an event for under 25-year olds.

The event will see swimmers continuously swimming a mile, going once per hour for 24 hours; Swimmers can swim as part of a team or solo but must be master swimmers over 25 yrs old.

It is cold, very challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally and many a top National swimmer has found it so, hence please bear this in mind when entering.

Most swimmers take on the 24-hour swim challenge to challenge themselves, or for social reasons- meeting new and existing friends, for health reasons, for fun and to raise money for charity.

The charity we have chosen for 2Swim4Life’19,  is The Mix, an essential support network for children and young people under 25. They currently reach 3 million young people under 25 in crisis get the help and support they need.

Please see https://www.zwimevents.com/2swim4life/The-Challenge for event details, terms and entry.

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Claire Bailey

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24 Hour Swimmers

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Tea Pants - girls on tour

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Charlie Osgood


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Good on you, a very good cause.



Good luck Ed and team, what a fantastic fundraiser. Carla x

Linda Brown


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Barb Brown


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Goooo arrrrn swim-chums! Do yer darnedest! Sorry I cant be there to cheer you all on this time. Love and warming 4am hugs! Barb B X




Iris Wells


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Good Luck!



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