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Could you Pledge to help finance an hour of 1:2:1 mentoring in Peterborough Schools to help us change the lives of young people?

Where are we at?
So far we have just dipped our toe into the mentoring space with a pilot scheme working with two secondary schools based in different wards of Peterborough. But we need your help to do more

In the last 2 years we have provided up to 4 mentors each week mentoring between 3-5 young people in these schools. Our mentoring programmes use structured resources to focus on issues such as: Building self-esteem, developing emotional literacy, anger awareness and improving social skills. We also work closely with students in gender specific group mentoring sessions to talk through tough issues relating to self-image, self-confidence, working on empowerment and identifying positive role models. But we could do so much more…

Quite simply, we need your financial support to help kick-start our Peterborough Schools Mentoring Programme.

• We want to listen more – Helping those we mentor to become more self-aware and reflective.

We want to provide more – Meeting a need to engage with youngsters on their “turf” and in their “environment” during the school day.

We want to raise confidence – Encouraging those we mentor to get passionate about their opportunity set, to foster self-belief and to challenge those things that oppose it, providing intervention strategies that young people can employ in situations of conflict in school or at home.

But we need to be resourced to get into many more schools.

This is where young people spend most of their formative time and it’s often not an easy environment. We want to be the consistent positive voice at just the time they are trying to discover and establish their own identity. Help us to do this for them.

Where we want to be and how can you play your part?

We have a vision to develop an extensive mentor network that sees a minimum of 2 mentors placed in each of the 15 secondary schools in the City of Peterborough.

Leading from the front: We need to resource our Lead Mentor to meet with 5 young people each week on a cycle of termly 8-12 week one-to-one mentoring programmes. The Result will be that 15 young pupils each year are impacted by up to 5 hours face-to-face work each week.

Multiplying this impact: During the next 3 years we want to build our team up to 30 Mentors and develop a programme to train, resource and retain them. The Aim will be that up to 450 young pupils are personally impacted via our mentoring programme each year, helping raising aspirations and further individual potential.

It’s Time for Your Support

We think about our mentoring programme in terms of face to face time with youngsters.

We know what it takes to recruit and train our team and as a charitable organisation we rely on your financial gifts to resource this programme. To make it easier we have broken our mentoring costs down into those bitesize hourly interactions with each pupil.

These are the hours that really matter.

This way, people are free to Kickstart our programme by sponsoring anything from just 1 hour of mentoring or, if they feel the desire, up to a whole block group of 12 hours which will ensure that one pupil is taken through the entire 12 week mentoring course.

In this way we can ensure your gift is makes a real difference in a young person’s life.

Select the amount you wish to give

£30.00  1 Hour of 1:1 mentoring for 1 young person

£180.00  6 Weeks of 1:1 mentoring for 1 young person

£360.00  Full 12 Weeks of 1:1 mentoring for 1 young person

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