VM Grads and Interns run Royal Parks!


Total raised

from a target of £3,600.00

Total raised (+ Gift Aid)


At Virgin Media we like to go the extra mile to help support  for our charity partner Scope. This time our graduates and interns are going the extra 13.1 miles at the Royal Parks Half Marathon. We are bringing our people from all over the country to meet in London and raise some money for a good cause.


We are fundraising across lots of different departments to not only get as much as possible but to raise awareness of the great things scope do.

Scope are a charity that exists to make the UK a place where disabled people have the same opportunities as everyone else. Which we very much agree with as it is such a strong and simple message. So please support with as much as you can.



VM Grads and Interns 

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£12.00  £12 could pay for a call to Scopes helpline

Jacob Waller

Total raised:
£256.59 (excl Gift Aid)

Joe Wan

Total raised:
£415.00 (excl Gift Aid)


Total donations: £67.00

Duncan Higgins


£25.00 (+ £6.25 giftaid)

Great job team. Well done! Duncan

Neil Geary


£15.00 (+ £3.75 giftaid)

hope it went well Jack !

Lizzie Tyler


£12.00 (+ £3.00 giftaid)

Good luck guys! In total awe of anyone able to run this far.

Yathushan Sivarajah


£12.00 (+ £3.00 giftaid)

Becca Terry


£3.00 (+ £0.75 giftaid)

Good luck guys :)


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