Partner Boxing 2019

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Total raised (+ Gift Aid)


It's back .... by popular demand!

Partner White Collar Boxing for charity on the 14th March, 2019 at the world-famous Troxy, Limehouse London.

10 weeks of intense training.

Up to 15 bouts on the night. Celebrity supporters. 

 Approximately 1,000 people in the audience... nowhere to hide!

Over 40 people from across the Salesforce ecosystem are fighting to help raise valuable funds and awareness for the Sports Traider charity. Help them to raise money by sponsoring them through their 10 weeks of intense training so they can stand in the ring at the Troxy and battle in front of their colleagues, family and friends. 

Partnering up to put poverty down.

Kelley Orcutt

Total raised:
£3505.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Mani Ross

Total raised:
£265.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Antony Simpson

Total raised:
£540.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Sacsha Tapfuma

Total raised:
£390.00 (excl Gift Aid)

Ron Trotman

Total raised:
£575.00 (excl Gift Aid)


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