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07 December 2019

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A Global Sleep Out to call for an end to global homelessness. Please come and join an expected 50,000 other people throughout the world by participating in (or hosting your own) Sleep Out event on Saturday 7th December 2019. By taking part or organising your own event, you can help raise enough funds to give a hand up to a target of 1,000,000 homeless and displaced people in your area and throughout the world. As well as raising money and investing in charities that make a difference, we want to send a message to the world’s political leaders to enact compassionate policy and find solutions for homelessness locally and the global refugee crisis that affects us all. We are a small, interconnected world. By collectively sacrificing our beds for one cold night we can reach out a hand of compassion and solidarity with those who need it most - homeless people on our doorsteps and refugees internationally. Over 50,000 people sleeping out on a December night is a mandate for action. Please join the movement today. Host Your Own Sleep Outs can be held in your backyard, porch, private company grounds (with permission), or any other place that is safe and legal. All of our official events will take place across the world on December the 7th 2019, you should aim to host your event on this same date in order to join this global movement as fully as possible! For one night, let’s come together in locations across the globe to show our determination to build a world where no one is ever left without a home.

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Host-Your-Own Sleep Outs are private events run by you for your friends, family, colleagues, or another small to medium network of individuals.

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