37th Unlock London Walk


24 April 2021

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Over the 35 years of EUTP and Unlock walks we have never managed to visit this part of London, so the 2019 walk should offer something new to everyone including the old faithfuls. The area has its own interesting history; there’s an abbey/priory, some important political, royal, and railway history too. You’ll see trams, trains and buses a-plenty, and as well as pounding urban pavements you will cross a National Trust Park, and elsewhere skirt a common. Twice you’ll find yourself walking beside water, though it’s often hidden behind greenery. And there’s a City Farm to visit if you have time. In addition to a special Place of Interest there are seven checkpoint churches reflecting a variety of traditions and with some exciting approaches to ministry in the community. These include such enterprises as regular Christian Theatre, provision of laundry and shower facilities, and offering catering training to local college students.

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