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MapAction TwoPointSix Challenge

Non-location specific

26 April 2020

Further information

MapAction is a humanitarian mapping charity that helps to get aid to where it is most needed in emergencies. At a time when charities throughout the UK and around the world are being severely impacted by big drops in fundraising income caused by the Corona virus, MapAction is busier than ever before. We are helping national governments, the UN and humanitarian organisations across the globe make rapid sense of the COVID19 pandemic and plan the best response, to save the most lives and minimise the long term impacts. Managing a pandemic of this kind requires the rapid collection and analysis of vast amounts of data. Without maps and data, those responding to the crisis are effectively blindfolded. This is where MapActions help is crucial. Our expertise in humanitarian information management and mapping is hugely in demand, as we face a global crisis of unprecedented scale. We are having an impact, right at the heart of the world’s response. At the same time, other humanitarian emergencies that existed pre Corona, or have occurred since its onset such as Cyclone Harold and the Syrian refugee crisis require our urgent assistance too. Like all charities, our funding has been affected by the COVID crisis. That’s why we are asking all our supporters to take part in the MapAction 2.6 Challenge by planning a 2.6 mile route around the area near your home using any online app that can show your route. Make sure you adhere to government guidance and social distancing measures in force where you are. Run, walk, cycle, scoot, hop, jump or anything you like around your route between 26 April and 1 May 2020. You could even do the same loop ten times to make it 26 miles! If you can’t leave your home, you can still take part by performing any activity you like 26 times such as 26 sit ups or 26 minutes of yoga, toss a pancake 26 time. If you like, you can create a fantasy 2.6 mile map route that you plan to do one day.

Joining instructions

Anyone and everyone! Take a picture of you doing your challenge (videos and GIFs are also v welcome, but make sure you include at least one photo), and a screenshot of your route map, if applicable. Send them to mapaction26challenge@mapaction.org with your name(s). (Route maps will be anonymised before we share them. By sending us your name and images, you consent to us storing and publishing them.) Share your picture/video/GIF on social media with the hashtags #MapAction26Challenge and #twopointsixchallenge. (NB don’t share a map that shows where you live.) Donate or fundraise £2.60, £26 or £260 to MapAction via this page!

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