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Helping Hands Weekend Virtual Sleep Out


8pm, 22 May 2020

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Every Year Warwick School boys take part in an Annual Sleep Out in their school grounds to raise funds for Helping Hands. Sadly due to Covid -19, they are unable to run the event at school, but have instead decided to have a virtual sleep out in their gardens instead. We think this is a great idea! Helping Hands run an Annual Sleep out every year in Leamington Spa, but due to the Government restrictions, we are also unable to plan for any of our usual fundraising events, so we thought we would join The Warwick Boys School and run a series of Virtual Sleepouts over the next few months so we can still raise vital funds for the charity. Join us this weekend for our first ever Virtual SleepOut in your gardens. This is a perfect event for those of you who can't brave the cold in the winter or were a little bit too young but desperate to join in our Annual Sleepout back in February. Take part in the experience with you families and sleep rough outside without having to leave your house during lockdown all while raising funds for Helping Hands.

Joining instructions

Creat your own fundraising pages and ask family and friends to sponsor you. Grab your sleeping bags and create a shelter for the evening. Warwick Boys school are always so creative with their shelter ideas. Send photos/films of your experience to us and use the #bigvirtualsleepout on your social media platforms and tag in Helping Hands. Anyone can join in - Family, Friends, Organisations and Local Businesses. We are asking as many of you as possible to brave your back garden and sleep outside for just one night in the cold.

Lianne Kirkman

12 Gloucester Street

Leamington Spa
CV31 1EE


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