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Make it to Mutunyi

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00:00, 29 August 2020

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As we can't all get together at the moment, we have set on a mission to collectively #MakeittoMutunyi The aim is simple - to complete the total number of miles from Cornwall to Mutunyi School, Kenya between us in any way you see fit. Your challenge will be to complete 100 miles during the month of September. This can be split up over a number of days and different modes of transport (only can't be motorised!!). If 100 miles sounds to daunting you are welcome to sign up as 2 people and complete it together. There is a minimum fundraising target of £100 per person, so if you think your friends won't sponsor you to cycle 100 miles, as you are the type that would do this on a normal weekend, try thinking about making it more of a challenge....the more out there the better!

Joining instructions

Anyone - your miles can be completed in any way you like over the month of September, so any level of fitness and activity is welcome. To sign up, please follow the link on this page:


Botus Fleming
PL12 6NJ

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