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1940 Burpee Challenge

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01 April 2021

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Can you complete 1,940 burpees in the month of April to support our Paras? In honour of the year Airborne Forces were formed, SUPPORT OUR PARAS challenges you to complete 1,940 burpees throughout the month of April. April also marks 15 years since The Parachute Regiment was first deployed to Afghanistan. Although we have not been in theatre for a number of years, the scars and trauma many soldiers suffered there still lives with them. Maintaining good mental health is just as important as maintaining our physical health, but for soldiers it is often difficult to talk about some of their experiences. Help us to help them. SUPPORT OUR PARAS is there to help any member of The Parachute Regiment or Airborne Forces talk about their experiences and get them the help they need.

Joining instructions

The 1940 Burpee Challenge is free to sign up to but is limited to a maximum of 300 people. Entrants must raise a minimum of £100 in order to get their hands on one of our special limited edition Challenge medals.

Natalie Urbaniak

Merville Barracks



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