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The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has worked on the front line for over 35 years to protect wildlife and habitats in Kenya.

Every wild life counts. Our teams work to safeguard and protect Kenya's diverse wildlife from human-wildlife conflict, poaching and habitat destruction. Our pioneering work, which is entirely funded through donations, ensures a sustainable future for all wildlife and communities. 

Best known for our pioneering work to rescue and reintegrate orphan infant elephants back into the wild when grown, we also operate 12 Anti-Poaching Teams who patrol key conservation areas across Kenya arresting poachers and removing snares, supported by our Aerial Surveillance Unit and Canine Unit. Our Mobile Veterinary Units provide immediate and in the field treatment and pain relief to injured and sick wildlife, all year round.

We also work to safeguard wilderness areas through our Saving Habitats Projects and work to change attitudes towards wildlife through our engaging Community Outreach Programmes. 

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