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Health Poverty Action works to strengthen poor and marginalised people in their struggle for health.

We have a distinct approach, which can be summarised as a combination of three things:

  • We emphasise the need for justice rather than charity.  In particular, we recognise the profound importance of the social and economic determinants of health.
  • We prioritise those missed out by others. They may be living in hard to reach areas, or difficult to support for some other reason.
  • We specialise in providing a comprehensive approach to improving health. Tackling all health determinants in a co-ordinated way can bring lasting improvements, and give rise to creative links and innovations.

Health is an issue of social justice, and health and poverty are inseparable. By taking action on health and poverty together we can turn a negative cycle of disease and deprivation into a positive cycle of good health and hope for the future.

We work with communities to make health services more accessible, higher quality, better resourced, culturally appropriate and locally accountable. We help to build and strengthen local capacity so that improvements are not only sustainable, but owned and led by those whose rights they are intended to serve.

Health Poverty Action is currently working in 13 of the world's poorest countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

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