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We’re passionate about achieving positive change, with and for, boys and girls in the poorest countries. We believe everyone has a contribution to make.

Our campaigns mobilise people to put pressure on decision makers to take action to benefit girls and boys living in poverty - from changing laws and spending choices to transforming practice and behaviour.

Our campaigning involves mass public action, research, lobbying, communications and events.

Plans Because I am a Girl campaign

At least 75 million girls around the world are not in school. This isn’t fair. Ignoring it isn’t smart.

Investing in a girl’s education is vital – it helps her to know she has rights, exercise them when she needs to and achieve her potential.

It is also central to unlocking the cycle of poverty.

  • An educated girl is less likely to marry and to have children whilst she is still a child.
  • An educated girl is more likely to be literate, healthy and survive into adulthood, as are her children.
  • An educated girl is more likely to reinvest her income back into her family, community and country.

Plan UK’s Because I am a Girl campaign aims to ensure girls in the world’s poorest countries can access a quality education. This will in turn move people from a life of poverty to a future with opportunity.

Everyone has a role to play, including boys and men.

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