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We are a UK registered international development charity, rooted in the values of Bishop Simeon Nkoane and others like him who stood up to the brutal apartheid regime and set the foundations for a democratic South Africa.


Our vision is a South Africa where all people benefit equally from the fruits of that democracy and where poverty and HIV/AIDS do not prevent people from achieving their full potential in life.

We are about change at grassroots level, drawing on the expertise and determination of local organisations and people to transform the lives of the most marginalised and vulnerable.

Over a period of 25 years we have helped change the lives of more than 30,000 orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. With your help, we can do more.

The future in their hands

South Africa has the highest levels of HIV/AIDS in the world. Leaving behind an estimated 1.9 million AIDS orphans. Almost three out of five children in South Africa still live in poverty, many on less than £1 a day.

These are the children on whom a prosperous, peaceful and just future for South Africa depends. We work to empower them to make change.

We believe this new generation of children can show that, having peacefully conquered apartheid, the people of South Africa will also overcome the twin challenges of inequality and HIV/AIDS.

Empowering Communities

Education has the power to unlock potential and transform lives. We make it possible for orphans and vulnerable children to access and remain in education by removing the obstacles that stand in their way. 

With our partners in the community, we make sure they have food, clothing and a safe place to be; we help them with vital paperwork; and we provide home based carers for ill family members, freeing children to attend school. Our education and development programmes extend a vital lifeline: empowerment, opportunity, and the chance to thrive.

We bring the established and proven Isibindi Safe Parks model to some of the most poorly-resourced and sometimes remote communities in South Africa. Safe Parks are multi-purpose centres at the heart of the community: a safe haven for children and young people, where they can learn vital life skills and be free to play, to eat a square meal, to be safe and to flourish. From the Safe Parks, trained members of the local community support vulnerable children:

Child Care Advocates help children access their entitlement to vital welfare support in the form of the monthly child grant. They make sure the children can get to school with a uniform and books. They provide food parcels and link children to the feeding schemes at our Safe Parks. They are there to counsel when the children need to talk or a shoulder to cry on.

Home Based Carers work with families that are living with HIV, to provide education, training and support in their homes.

Early Child Development Workers open the door to education during the crucial early years and enable an easy transition to primary school.

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