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Supporting people and projects which advance education in impoverished countries; that, in a nutshell, is what Hazel’s Footprints Trust is all about.

Hazel’s Footprints provides grants to worthy educational causes in developing countries. Be it financing an education programme in Kenya which prepares children to re-enter school, a literacy programme for street children in Vietnam or funding the building of a school library in Cameroon, we support projects that will directly improve the opportunities available to some of our world’s most poverty stricken people. These grants recognise where targeted funding can make a real difference.

Funds raised through Virgin Money Giving will be used by Hazel’s Footprints Trust to support these educational projects in developing countries around the world.
Hazel’s Footprints was established in 2004 in memory of Hazel Scott Aiton whose death in a car accident that year left an unfillable hole in the lives of everybody who knew and loved her. In 2002, Hazel spent a challenging and rewarding Gap Year in Namibia teaching at the Otjikondo Village School. Whilst there, she saw firsthand what an enormous difference dedicated people can make to the lives of others.

So far, we have helped around 70 enthusiastic individuals achieve their dream of volunteering abroad in destinations covering 5 continents. The vast majority of our ‘Footprinters’ go to schools where they not only teach, but also get involved in a whole host of extracurricular activities including drama, sports and cooking. Through the Trust’s help, we hope many more people will have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and change the lives of themselves and others for the better.

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