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London,United Kingdom
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Camp Simcha exists to enhance quality of life for Jewish children with Cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

Serious illness can deprive a child of the opportunity to enjoy many aspects of their childhood that others take for granted. Our Unforgettable Experiences have the power to lift spirits and to give vital strength and energy for the challenges that lie ahead and are designed to give the child and their siblings some of that childhood back. We know that a special treat, a party or a great day out can make a great difference to the healing process.

But its not just the children who require our support. The pressures and anguish of caring for a seriously ill child also takes its toll on their parents and any brothers and sisters. That is why we have a number of services, such as our Family Liaison Officers and our Home Support Volunteers, designed to help parents cope.

Offering our unique services free of charge to every sector of the community, irrespective of religious observance, our aim is to ensure that the life of every Jewish child in the UK who suffers from a life threatening illness is enhanced by Camp Simcha.

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