Pageant is a small UK based charity, which provides help with education in The Gambia. Pageant funds its essential activities in The Gambia from its members’ modest annual subscriptions. This means that 100% of all donations and anything raised by sponsored events goes directly to projects in The Gambia.

Help for Gambian schools

Pageant has shipped consignments of donated furniture and educational items to Gambian schools, and has helped with the construction and renovation of classrooms, school kitchens, staff-rooms and sports facilities. Have a look at some of Pageants activities, in Bakalarr, around Banjul and in other parts of The Gambia.

Science Teaching in The Gambia

Science teaching in The Gambia suffers from a lack of equipment and scarcity of textbooks. Joe Brock, Head of Science at Collyer’s College in Horsham, developed a Practical Science textbook and associated low cost resource kits, which have been presented to Gambian science teachers at a number of seminars (see details and more details)

Help for Gambian school children

Pageant provides a service whereby Pageant members can sponsor individual students to enable them to complete their education. (see more information)

The fight against malaria

Poor health can adversely affect students’ educational attainments, so Pageant works with village communities in the fight against malaria. We distribute mosquito nets (see details) and encourage villagers to grow Artemisia annua, a plant with proven anti-malarial properties (see details)

Help for Gambian communities

In the wider community Pageant is helping with adult literacy as well as providing micro-loans to enable women to start small businesses. (more information)


Pageant has benefited from all sorts of fund-raising efforts and sponsored challenges. Have a look at this summary of our fund-raising activities. So if you are thinking of undertaking some exciting challenge, then please consider raising sponsorship for Pageant′s projects. We will build you a page (or pages) on our website to help with your fund-raising. (see an example)

Support us

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