Play Equipment for The Gambia

Nursery and primary schools in The Gambia often lack the basic essentials of classroom furniture. Sue and Phil Taylor noticed that even those with adequate classroom equipment had no outdoor play equipment for the children. They have started a project to ship donated outdoor play items to The Gambia. Sue is a retired primary school teacher, and used her contacts at schools in northern England to find suitable unwanted outdoor play equipment. She had an excellent response from all over Teesside, North Yorkshire and also from Leicestershire – enough to fill one shipping container. They used a local non-profit organisation, Rebuild North East in Teesport, to collect, store and pack the equipment, which was sent to The Gambia in October 2010.

children using a donated slide in The Gambia

This first consignment went to the Sheik Hatab Memorial Nursery (SHM) in Gunjur, and in January 2011, Sue and her family visited SHM to set up the play equipment, and work with the teachers to structure the outside play activities so that all the children get a chance to learn to play and co-operate.

They have identified other Gambian nursery and primary schools in need of both play equipment and some classroom furniture, and now sourced sufficient for another container load. The donated items have come from UK schools which are closing and they are being collected and stored by Rebuild North East pending shipment. They are still looking for more outdoor play equipment (swings, slides. climbing equipment) and small play items (bats, balls, ropes, hoops, Lego etc). Read more about Sue and Phils projects on this webpage.

 Sue and Phil financed the first container themselves, but they are now fundraising to pay the shipping costs of the second and all future containers. Please click this link to go to a fundraising page where you can make a donation specifically to help pay to send more containers of play equipment to The Gambia.

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