Modou Lamin's New Leg

Modou Lamin J is a six year old boy currently at Jambanjelly Nursery School in The Gambia. He has been one of Pageant’s sponsored pupils since 2008. Modou Lamin has a particular problem. He was born with a badly deformed right leg, permanently bent at the knee. This meant he was unable to walk, and got around on his knees. Orthopaedic surgeon Douglas Sammon suggested that the best way to help Modou Lamin was to amputate his deformed leg at the knee and fit a prosthetic leg. This operation was successfully carried out by Dr Hani, of the Orthopaedic Department in the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital in Banjul. Modou Lamin made an excellent recovery, and the next stage was for him to have a prosthetic leg fitted.

Pageant launched an appeal in May 2010 to raise £700 as a contribution to the cost of materials for his new leg, plus help for the family with the logistics and the costs of multiple appointments for  limb-fitting, physiotherapy and after care. We are pleased to announce that your donations exceeded our expectations, with a total of £868 raised. We have closed our appeal for the time being, and we would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who has made a donation. We may re-open the appeal at some time in the future as Modou Lamin grows and may need further prosthetic treatment. Meanwhile please check this page of our website to keep you updated on Modou Lamin's progress.

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