Counting Malaria Out

Malaria, a deadly disease transmitted by mosquitoes, afflicts around half a billion people in Africa, Asia and Latin America and results in almost one million deaths a year. A child dies from malaria every 30 seconds. The international community is determined to eliminate malaria by 2015, and the next two years present a rare opportunity to save a million lives by rapidly delivering malaria interventions to all people at risk. The first milestone at 31 December 2010 will mark the strengthening of systems in endemic countries ready for the long haul of sustained malaria control and elimination.

Malaria is endemic in The Gambia, and recurrent illness often stops children attending school. As well as distributing mosquito nets, Pageant helps village communities to grow Artemisia annua - providing seedlings, and cultural advice through the Gambia National Agricultural Research Institute. A tea made from the leaves of this plant has been shown to reduce the chances of developing malaria, mitigate the symptoms and speed recovery. There is more information about Pageant’s Artemisia Project on this page of our website.

Please click this link to go to the fundraising page where you can make a donation specifically for Pageant’s Artemisia Project, and do your part in the fight against malaria.

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