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Practical Action

Practical Action is an international development charity, founded in 1966 by radical economist Dr EF Schumacher.

We work with and employ local people to create simple, sustainable answers to poverty. We know that the right idea, no matter how small, can change lives.

At Practical Action, we help people use technology in the fight against poverty. It works in partnership with communities to develop practical answers to their problems, based on local knowledge and skills and putting people's needs first.

Technology underpins all aspects of our lives, enabling us to live well, with less effort, and fewer resources. While cutting-edge science and innovation is benefitting billions of people, a billion more are left behind. In the developing world, the lack of technology is stark.

We want to change this.

Our vision is for a world where all people have access to the technologies that enable them to meet their basic needs and reach their potential, in a way that safeguards the planet today, and for future generations.

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