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Protecting Wildlife. Supporting Communities. Promoting Education

TUSK TRUST has been supporting wildlife conservation, communities, and environmental education in Africa for over 27 years. Tusk’s supports over 60 field projects, which range across 19 countries, not only deliver protection for endangered species, but also to help alleviate poverty and promote sustainable development amongst the rural communities who live alongside wildlife. Prince William has been Royal Patron of Tusk since 2005.

Wildlife & Education

As the human population increases, the demand for land often leads to disastrous conflict with wildlife. Tusk’s approach to conservation recognises that the future of Africa’s rich biodiversity is as much dependant on promoting education and sustainable human development. So whilst substantial funds are directed towards the protection of many threatened species such as elephant, rhino, cheetah, gorilla and turtles, a proportion of the Charity’s work focuses on the need to improve education and schools.

Wildlife & Communities

Tusk is at the forefront of establishing innovative community driven conservation programmes with its many project partners. The Charity has attracted global support for its integrated approach - promoting sustainable development programmes, which, in turn, create employment, increase security, and alleviate poverty through the stimulation of nature-based enterprises. One such programme has seen over 2 million acres of community land come under a common conservation policy with initiatives that are directly and simultaneously benefiting 70,000 people and a significant wildlife population in northern Kenya.


Tusk strives to provide practical, logistical and financial support to the projects it supports. This includes the purchase of vehicles and operational equipment, as well as the construction of schools, clinics, water projects, roads, buildings, bridges, and airstrips. Registered in the UK and USA, the Charity has a reputation for being highly effective in delivering donor funds to the field with the maximum possible efficiency. 

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Your donation will help us to safeguard Africas precious natural heritage. Thank you for your support. Here are some examples of what your donation could do:

£50 will build 5 school desks

£100 will sponsor a class to take part in an environmental education programme

£150 will cover the monthly operating costs of a rhino surveillance team

£200 will fund a year of forest protection from illegal logging and hunting

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