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Unique is a small charity providing much needed help and information to families with a family member with a rare chromosome disorder. 

Each year many hundreds of babies are born with these disorders which are caused by them having parts of one or more of their chromosomes missing, added on or rearranged.  As many as one in 200 babies is affected. They are often severly disabled, unable to walk or talk and this can put lots of stress and strain on their families. Although rare, collectively the disorders are more common than even Down’s Syndrome but despite that doctors often have very little knowledge about them, leaving parents feeling isolated and confused.

This is where Unique comes in! We are able to listen to their parents & carers, answer their questions and give them the help they need. We have a telephone and email helpline, have published over 150 guides to specific disorders run family weekends to increase knowledge and understanding and have our family matching service brings people together for support.

New technology being rolled out across the NHS means lots more chromosome disorders are being discovered all the time. More families than ever are receiving diagnoses and this means that demand for our services is increasing very rapidly. That's why we need your help. We run very economically, meaning more money raised goes direct to helping families when they need it most.

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