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At the RSPCA Suffolk East and Ipswich Branch we take in, rehabilitate, rehome and provide veterinary treatment for hundreds of animals each year.

We are an independent and mainly self-funding branch of the RSPCA.   As a separately registered charity, our work, helping animals in need in our local area, is not paid for by the national RSPCA and we receive no money from the Government or National Lottery.

In 2018 it cost us £660,000 to run our Animal Centre at Martlesham, our Veterinary Welfare Clinic in Ipswich and our veterinary voucher schemes.   As well as our own fundraising, we rely heavily on the generosity and support of the local community.

At any one time, at our Animal Centre we can be looking after up to 21 dogs, 56 cats, 20 rabbits and 20 ferrets (plus their young), not to mention many other small animals, birds and wildlife.   We work hard to find suitable, caring and permeant homes for all the animals brought into our care.   In 2018 we rehomed 437 animals.

If you’d like to know more about what we do, animals ready for adoption, volunteering opportunities and events, please check out our website (

Your help and suport is very much valued and appreciated.

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