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Odesha (formerly Orissa) is one of the poorest states in India and the Sarah site in Podia is also the base for another TREAD project - Grace Tailoring Centre. Funded entirely by Friends of TREAD, this workshop opened in 2001 for girls from surrounding villages who are often unemployed with little education. The centre is in a light and airy purpose built extension of the Daniel Cottage on the Sarah site and takes up to 20 students a year. There is boarding accommodation on site for those students who come from outlying areas.

These free 12-month courses give the girls a skill for life and independence. Social responsibility education is built into the course and on completion of the course each girl is given her own sewing machine and monitored by the centre to help her put her skills to good use - girls like:

Asha comes from a Hindu background. Her father died of malaria & typhoid and her mother is a labourer. She had to leave school at age 14. She has 2 older brothers and one older sister and does all the work at home - cooking, washing, cleaning etc. as mother goes to work. After her one year tailoring course she would like to support her mother financially with her embroidery and stitching skills learned at Grace.

It costs just £25 per month (£300 total) for a full time 12- month course for each girl but any contribution is so welcome.The gift of a sewing machine costs another £60. Would you like to give hope and a new future to one of these girls?

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