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Why we exist?

Odyssey draws on the majesty of the outdoor environment, the Arts, the stimulation of uncertainty and surprise to help cancer people of all ages and backgrounds regain their confidence and zest for life.


What do we do?

The Odyssey course in its present form is five days long and currently runs eight times per year. Every effort has been made to provide the richest and most varied experience possible in that time. Odyssey programmes happen near to home, not in some remote wilderness; yet we seek out wild and peaceful places, rich in atmosphere. 

We aim to astonish even the most imaginative participant and to create such a diverse range of challenges that each person will at some point find themselves in a position of strength and at another time tackling something they find difficult. 

The course is an adventure, and as with all true adventures those involved embark on it with only a limited idea of what lies ahead.

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