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Tim Parry & Jonathan Ball,Peace Centre
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Warrington Youth Club believes in 'inspiring young people to achieve'.  We exist to support young people’s development, offering opportunities to increase and develop skills, gain knowledge, self awareness and confidence, and enabling them to make positive and healthy life choices.

We currently deliver a range of projects including one to one mentoring with children that have become involved with gangs, drugs or crime. Restart and Stay Safe programmes that encourage children and young people to avoid these paths in the first place. Girl’s groups to support young women around topics such as relationships, social media, eating disorders, self harm and self esteem; and similar groups for young men.

For those with disabilities we offer a Buddy system that allows for disabled children to do everyday things, such as go to the cinema or travel on the bus with young people from mainstream education. We also teach Positive Life Skills such as cooking and basic hygiene to better allow those with disabilities to fit into everyday life.

We have opened an Enterprise Centre in the town centre of Warrington that has a free gym to encourage young people to exercise rather than hang around the streets; and that also teaches basic skills needed to enter the working world.

Warrington Youth Club currently work with 2000 children aged 7 to 19 yrs (up to 25yrs with disability) each month, and with support, plan to grow this to 2000 per week over the coming years. Please help us support under privileged children in Warrington and the surrounding areas. 

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