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For 30 years Magic Me’s exciting, pioneering intergenerational arts projects have been giving young and older people opportunities to meet, create and spend time together, combatting ageism and loneliness. 

Week by week young people and older adults meet together in schools, care homes, older peoples centres and after-school clubs, working on a shared arts activity. We work with schools and in the community, and we run the award-winning Cocktails in Care Homes project.

Our projects range from learning photography together to creating sculpture, creative writing projects and theatre productions, all-age cabarets and intergenerational choirs. 

Participants are encouraged and supported to work together, so that real relationships can develop. Activities are led by professional artists, and designed to cater for both age groups, fostering conversation and an exchange of ideas.

"Magic Me has turned my life around, I want to get up in the morning and do things. I've got something to get up for."  - Photography project participant, 80+

Based in Tower Hamlets, East London, every year we work with over 500 local people from different generations, cultures and ethnicities. Magic Me challenges negative stereotypes of young people and elders. It also gives people of all ages a way to get involved in their community and stay connected, to learn new skills and pass on expertise.

Our Cocktails in Care Homes project brings fun and glamour to care home residents. Our team of young adult volunteers run monthly cocktail hours in 18 London Care Homes across 10 boroughs. 

Residents get dressed up and look forward to the occasion - a chance to socialise, chat with new people and stay in touch with the wider community beyond their four walls.

For many, with families living far away, this might be the only visit they get.

Thank you for choosing to give to Magic Me. Here is what your gift could cover:

  • Hail a cab! Helping a frail older person to get to a project costs £10
  • Creative together - A two hour workshop place for younger person to learn photography or creative writing alongside an older person is £25
  • Trip to the flicks - A cinema trip for a small group of isolated older people costs £50
  • Get the drinks in - a round of drinks for a cocktail party in a care home costs £100

Your donation will help us to bring people together across generations, building stronger communities; and bring fun and glamour to care homes. Thank you.

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