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Imagine if as a child you had never had the chance to play games or enjoy sport with your friends.  Imagine if every day was a struggle for survival, living on the street with only drugs or alcohol as a means of escape. Imagine those in a position of trust that should be taking care of you, were actually those who abused you.

It is almost impossible to imagine.  But this is life for the street children of Mombasa, Kenya that Glad’s House work with. The amount of children and young people living on the streets of Mombasa is unknown but we do know it is in the thousands. The children and young people Glad’s House support live in conditions which are utterly intolerable and are orphaned or separated from their parents for a range of reasons including violence and neglect. They spend their lives in a daily struggle to eat and find shelter that is often funded by petty crime or prostitution.  Many are dependent on glue and other substances to alleviate their hunger and fear.  They have no home, no school and no family other than their ‘family’ on the street.

Glad’s House is a UK registered charity working in Mombasa, Kenya to support the thousands of children and young people living and working on the streets. The Charity’s aim is to support as many of the city’s homeless children and young people as possible off the streets and into a safe home environment with access to education, employment and/or training

Founded in 2006, Glad’s House has grown into a holistic project that meets the many needs of the street children and young people in Mombasa. Our Drop In Programme, Papasa, includes education, health care, counselling, sports and creative arts.

Glad's House also has a series of Enterprise Schemes including a Bike Shop and Golf Caddie Programme to generate income and offer opportunties for training and employment.

Glad's House supports homeless children to leave the street and enable them to successfully stand on their own two feet with support every step of the way. We aim to provide a safe place for many of these children, away from the street. In doing so, the children will have the opportunity to enjoy a real childhood while being prepared for a productive and self-sufficient adulthood.

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