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In the past 21 years, over 21,000 people with epilepsy have died suddenly and died too young. SUDEP Action’s Prevent21 campaign shines a light on this shocking disaster. With a significant change of attitude, culture, and action towards epilepsy - many lives CAN be saved. Knowledge saves lives.

SUDEP Action Registered charity number 1164250 (England & Wales) SC047223 (Scotland)

‘If I had known about the risks of Daren dying from Epilepsy we may have been able to take precautions to prevent it. No mention was ever made to us that Daren’s life could be at risk even when he was in and out of hospital at one stage. So much more needs to be done to make people aware of the risk that Epilepsy brings to your life and we need much more research into prevention.’ Karen, whose husband died aged 32.

‘I am so grateful you returned my call when you did. No one else out there was offering any help and support and I was so lost’. Teri, who lost her partner Mark, aged 41.

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