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Hi! Welcome to the LivLife donate page.

We think everyone deserves to live a life free from poverty and within reach of their dreams in life.

The only truly sustainable way of achieving this is to give people education and the capabilities they need to live healthily, happily and achieve their goals.

LivLife exists to provide these opportunities through LivLife Centres. These are sustainable, locally-run and locally-relevant education centres. But best of all they are free to all, so that everyone in the communities we work with has the opportunity to live their life, enjoy it, and to do so on their own terms.

Heres an idea of where your money goes...

  • £5 pays for one person to receive an education, for one month.
  • £10 will buy a replacement mouse and keyboard for the Computer Lab
  • £20 will buy vital teaching and learning resources
  • £50 will pay for additional classroom furniture
  • £75 will buy a new computer for the Centre
  • £100 will cover the salary of one of our experienced teachers for a month
  • £500 will cover all of our bills including water and electricity for six months
  • £1000 will help us carry out all of the building maintenance and repairs needed this year
  • £2,500 will pay to run all three LivLife Centres for a month
  • £30,000 will cover the cost of providing free education to more than 1000 people a year!

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