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Making a difference to children in Wales who have cerebral palsy.

Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales is a registered charity providing specialist Bobath therapy to children from all over Wales who have cerebral palsy. Bobath therapists work together as a team combining physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy.

Children are referred by their consultant paediatrician and we accept children regardless of the severity of their disability. At Bobath Children’s Therapy Centre Wales we focus on the ability and not the disability. Cerebral palsy is caused by damage to a baby or young child’s brain. This affects a child’s ability to move and develop in the normal way and each child is affected differently. There is no cure but the specialist Bobath therapy we provide makes a difference to every child with cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy - the facts Cerebral palsy is the largest disability in children in the world today. Every six hours another child is born who will have cerebral palsy. Any woman who is pregnant could have a child with cerebral palsy. You could have a child or grandchild with cerebral palsy. Although the brain damage that occurs is permanent and there is no cure available, Bobath therapy makes a positive difference to the life of every child who has cerebral palsy. Every child who has cerebral palsy is affected differently; therefore each one needs an individual assessment and therapy plan. Cerebral palsy can affect movement, sensation, perception, cognition, communication and eating and drinking. In some children, all of these functions may be affected.

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