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We help people with disabilities or long-term health conditions to take part in exercise. Through taking part in closely supported exercise programmes, we want to improve the health and fitness of people with disabilities and those with long-term health conditions.

People with disabilities or long-term health conditions can face significant barriers to exercise. We provide one-to-one support, raising self-confidence and motivation, and encourage each individual to make healthy lifestyle changes (many of whom have never taken part in exercise before).

Funding raised by our sponsors and private donors is crucial to the running of our service. We are currently raising money to get people off our waiting list and into the gym. Any sum is most gratefully received and not a penny wasted. 

"I love Ability Bow and the support I receive there!!

I had been offered weight loss surgery (a gastric band) as I was very overweight. I was referred to Ability Bow to lose weight for the operation. I had been to other gyms in the past but I felt very unmotivated, and I wasn’t supervised. I was competing in an arena of ‘body beautifuls’ who I felt were looking at me in disgust as if the poor condition I was in could only be my fault, that I was so unfit and overweight it must be something that I caused. But I have problems with my mental health too, and these disabilities are disguised unlike the ones that can be seen.

In contrast there is only encouragement and motivation at Ability Bow there is no discrimination.

From the time I started training with Chantelle twice a week since December (and coming extra days on my own) I’ve lost 1 stone which is enough weight to undergo surgery but I have decided I don’t need it as I can lose weight the traditional way on the gym programme I’m doing at Ability Bow !! (Shona 2016) 

"My weekly visits here give me purpose.

I have a neurological condition called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia or HSP. It affects my balance, strength and co-ordination. I also get fatigued easily. My condition is progressive and won’t improve, but hopefully it will affect me less severely if I’m in the best state of health that I can be in. I come to Ability Bow once a week, I do what I can in the gym and at home using the skills my trainer has taught me.   It’s about taking responsibility for your health, as you’re the only one who can really change it. The staff are friendly and all the gym members too. I can’t fault it. It’s nice to get out and socialise, it also means a lot to see people with all conditions, some very severe, who are still motivated to exercise.

It’s very hard going from full time work all your life to nothing, I suddenly found my days had no structure or routine and Ability Bow gives me some of that back." (Ken Liley 2016)

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