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The Amazon Charitable Trust’s (ACT) mission is to keep the Amazon rainforest standing. We think that the only approach that will allow us to achieve this goal is by helping the locals to develop a sustainable way of life, and through fostering research. We take a grassroots approach, working with the communities and helping them to devise a specific set of projects designed to improve their life standards. At the same time, we help them to develop a modus vivendi that keeps the ecosystem protected. We are currently working with the community of Xixuau, located along the Jauaperi River in the Brazilian state of Roraima, to make them self-sustainable. In 2018, the federal governement declared the area of the Jauaperi an extractive reserve with the creation of the RESEX Baixo Rio Branco-Rio Jauaperi. The reserve scopes are to ensure environmental protection while maintaning traditional livelhoods for the river-dwellers. The project includes the development of an ecotourism project, commercialization of sustainable Brazil nuts and the creation of an innovative and technology HUB for multidisplinary research. 

Currently working on I.P.A.N.E.M.A project (Indigenous and eco-friendly Amazon Drone Prototype.

ACT has teamed up with the University of Southampton and the University of UFAM (Federal University of Manaus) in order to develop locally made Drone Prototype that would empower the local communities and help them detecting and combating forest fires more efficiently. 


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