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Institutional Partnership Programme

The Iran Heritage Foundation's Institutional Partnership Programme provides much needed support for fellowships, teaching positions, curatorial positions and centres dedicated to the Iranian studies at respected academic and cultural institutions based in the United Kingdom and abroad. IHF collaborates with institutional partners to help sustain posts in Iranian studies and culture that would otherwise be unsustainable.

IHF provides funding and encourages collaboration between participating institutions by providing a Partners' Workshop and by creating a network for students and experts in different disciplines related to the studies of Iran and the Persian speaking world. The institutions each make a long term commitment to Persian studies, produce a 5-year strategic plan, and provide matching funds. IHF and the institutions work together to build a range of programmes, events, exhibitions, conferences and lectures around the posts. The aim of the IPP is to strengthen Iranian studies programmes to the point that these institutions can eventually support posts and centres on their own.

The following institutions are participating in the IHF Institutional Partnership Programme:

  1. The Victoria and Albert Museum: the Iran Heritage Foundation Curator of the Iranian Collections, a three-year post dedicated exclusively to the arts of Iran.
  2. The Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.: the Iran Heritage Foundation Curatorial Fellow for the Arts of Iran, a two-year post-doctoral fellowship devoted to the arts and cultures of Iran.
  3. The British Museum: the Iran Heritage Foundation Curator of Ancient Art, a post in the Department of the Middle East.
  4. The University of St. Andrews: (1) the Iran Heritage Foundation Persian Language Lecturer, a post in Persian language and culture combined with development of the extensive Persian language library at St. Andrews (Institute for Iranian Studies); and (2) the Iran Heritage Foundation Goli Rais Larizadeh Fellowship, a post in Anthropology of Iran (Dept. of Social Anthropology).
  5. The University of Edinburgh: the Iran Heritage Foundation Persian Language Instructor, a three-year post in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies.
  6. The University of Cambridge: the Iran Heritage Fellow for the Cambridge Shahnama Project, a one-year fellowship related to the digitisation of illustrated Shahnameh manuscripts at Cambridge University, followed by a three-year IHF Persian lecturer post.
  7. The British Library: The Iran Heritage Foundation Curator of Persian manuscripts: a three year post to assist the digitisation of the ancient Persian manuscripts at the British Library, ultimately making these rare texts digitally available to scholars and the public worldwide.
  8. The Tate: The Iran Heritage Foundation is pleased to announce a new institutional partnership with the Tate to support the creation of the post of adjunct curator for Middle East art from Spring 2013.
  9. School of African and Oriental Studies: The IHF Visiting Fellowships in Iranian Studies at SOAS.

IHF is currently raising funds for the Institutional Partnership Programme, and contributions make it possible for these initial posts to be created and maintained, keeping Iranian studies alive and vibrant for years to come. Every contribution from every member of the community is appreciated, whatever the size. Please support us with your contributions and help maintain the legacy of the Institutional Partnership Programme for future generations.

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