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Matumaini Centre

Dear Friends of  Holy Union Mission in Tanzania,

Receive many warm greetings and heartfelt thanks from the Sisters and the parents and children ( beneficiaries) at Matumaini Centre for Children with Disability in Dar es Salaam.

Your very generous gifts greatly help us in the running of the centre.  We  use an average of 6 million shillings per month to pay for staff salaries, equipment and medicine, food for the children and running the bus which takes the disabled to and from the Centre. In cases of great need (as most children come from very poor home environments) we can give individual assistance to  mothers for house rent or small  capital loans for subsistance business activities or self-reliance. 

We don’t have any government help so we depend fully on our own fundraising, local and wherever we can get help. The founder of the Centre, Sr Adriana was the one to carry the whole burden of fundraising and administering the Centre. Sadly she died in January 2018 and now we young sisters are determined to continue providing this very necessary service to the community. We have to learn a lot and we are trying our best.   

The Centre is a great blessing to the community; it helps families to cope with having a special child and provides love and respect for the disabled.  This is very important in a country where there is still so much superstition, fear and ignorance. Since we began the work in Matumaini, at the request of desperate mothers,  there is now a different attitude and  Matumaini is truly beginning to be seen as a Centre of Hope and enlightenment.

Nothing we have done could have been achieved without the help of generous benefactors such as yourselves. We thank you again and congratulate you for reaching out across the miles to help some of the most marginalised people of all.  May you be greatly blessed and rewarded for your help.  Please know that every shilling contributed goes to the project and not elsewhere; know too, you and your families have a special place in our prayer for our benefactors.

Mungu awabariki.....God bless you all.


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