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 (Children’s Health and Nutrition Care and Education)

is a registered charity founded by Barbara Datson in 2007 with the explicit aim of helping children in Nepal who are sick, orphaned, handicapped, or underprivileged.

Working closely with established and trusted organisations, schools and hospitals on the ground in Nepal, CHANCE for NEPAL gives aid and support for children and their families as well as educational and training opportunities.

We sponsor and support projects in Nepal relating to:


Our medical support in Nepal focuses on two hospitals, the Kanti Children's Hospital and the Trauma Hospital both in Kathmandu. We support the burns unit in each of these hospitals. We fund weekly nutritional food baskets for each patient coming to the burns unit, as well physiotherapy and counselling 5 times per week. Every child coming on to the Burns Unit receives a 'Goody Bags' containing fun things to do to keep them amused.  We fund up to 40 skin graft operatons a year in these two hospitals. Our support at the Kanti started in 2004.

We support Papa's Children's Home for 25 children who either have no parents or a parent who can no longer take care of their child. Our support is to fund all the food costs for this home as well as a monthly activitity prrogramme. Our support at Papa's Children's Home started in 2012.

We fund a milk programme and a 'Tiffin" meal in three schools for the nurseary to class 1. Our support in schools started in 2006.

We support WCS (Women's Cooperative Society) with skills training where over 160 women receive elementary and advasnced training in growing vegetables. There are 6 training per year. This empowers women and with the money they raise from selling their vegetables, they are able to educate one or more of their children. Our support with WCS started in 2005.

We fund up to 1000 rabies vaccinations around Boudhanath, in Kathmandu and fund leaflets and posters to be used in schools and villages to educate children and adults about the dangers of rabies. Our support fighting rabies started in 2005.

CHANCE for Nepal has set up an educational sponsorship programme at three schools in Kathmandu where 37 students are being sponsored for their education, in schools, colleges and University by English sponsors. 

We have funded the building of 4 schools and 2 health posts in remote areas in Western Nepal.

All our projects are regularly monitored by Westerners living and working in Nepal.

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Patron  Joanna Lumley

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