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Veterans In Action (VIA) is a UK based charity specialising in the social reintegration of socially excluded HM Forces Veterans.

The overriding aim of this organisation is to develop a national Veteran support framework centring on the principles of Outreach Work and Adventurous Activities, in support of the UK's Veteran community.

Therein VIA organise and staff outreach projects designed to maximise opportunities to firstly identify, then offer support to Veterans within a regional and national context.

After a veteran has been identified as an individual who might benefit from our services, we offer a range of support packages designed to encourage social participation and to a degree challenge the individual via a range of meaningful activities from fundraising to the more physical challenges engendered in Adventure Training.

As suggested our services can be divided broadly into two distinctly separate agenda, on the one hand centring on Outreach Work, whilst the other focuses specifically on Adventurous Activities.

The ALIVE Program is a three stage process that has been developed by Veterans In Action to work on the personal development of Armed Forces veterans, some of whom have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and others who find it difficult to adjust to civilian life.

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