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Welcome to the Lindsay Leg Club Foundation

The Lindsay Leg Club Foundation was set up to facilitate and manage the coordinated growth of Leg Clubs as well as providing the Clubs with information and support. The Foundation has a website ( for Clubs, their members, supporters and volunteers.

The annual cost of leg ulcer treatment to the NHS is estimated to be £600 million and much of this cost is incurred by district nurse time. —Placing nurses in Leg Clubs once a week as opposed to making individual visits to patients has been shown to make considerable savings.

Our vision is to:

  • make Leg Clubs part of government and NHS strategy for leg ulcer management and associated conditions in the UK;
  • continue the expansion of Leg Clubs throughout the UK;
  • ensure that Leg Clubs are the leading source of information for the general public on the prevention and treatment of leg ulcers and associated conditions;
  • continue to implement best practice for the prevention and treatment of leg ulcers and associated conditions in partnership with healthcare professionals, patients and the local community;
  • strive to measure and report all key clinical and economic outcomes achieved through the implementation of best practice in conjunction with the Leg Clubs and our partners.

What are Leg Clubs?

Leg Clubs are for individuals who experience leg ulcers and/or associated lower leg conditions along with those people at high risk. The Leg Club model is a unique partnership between the district nursing team and the local community, which helps patients become more involved in their treatment. Patients are encouraged, through a sense of ownership, to become stakeholders in their own treatment. Leg Clubs aim to provide leg ulcer management in a social environment, where patients (members) are treated collectively and the emphasis is on social interaction, participation, empathy and peer support where positive health beliefs are promoted. The Model impacts positively on healing and recurrence rates and helps isolated older people reintegrate into their communities.

Your support is appreciated.

Ellie Lindsay,

Founder and Lifetime President

Photos of Andrew Kingsley taking part in a 200 mile cycle ride from Barnstaple to Worcester to raise money for the Branstaple Leg Club and the Foundation

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