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The Rotary Club of Sidcup Benevolent Trust is the charitable arm of the Sidcup Club.   All fundraising events are organised by the Club so that monies may be distributed locally, nationally and internationally for worthy causes without admistrative overheads. 

The Trust's registered objectives are principally to assist with the relief of poverty, advancement of education and other purposes beneficial to the community.

Since its creation, the Trust has raised approaching £600,000 for charity which has been distributed to local, UK-based and international purposes. The proportions vary year by year.  The latter has included substantial sums sent to charities providing aid to major disaster areas affected by famine, tsunamis and earthquakes.   

Our local support in 2018 included the provision of a new Minibus to the Bexley Accessible Transport Scheme (BATS) for use for isolated, vulnerable and disabled adults and young people.  We have also funded special trips for families with children suffering from life limiting problems.  These and other donations have  been made possible through our collections, fundraising and due to generous legacies left to our Trust by local residents for which our trustees are grateful.  Anyone wishing to leave a legacy to our Trust can contact us via our website shown below.

Our members have also helped to raise funds for the Rotary Club of Sidcup Educational Trust (RoSET), an associated charity, which was established by a past president of the Sidcup Club in 1985, our 50th anniversary year.   That charity provides grants to young people generally aged between 15 and 25 who live, work or are being educated in the Sidcup area of Kent, south east England, who wish to participate in a character building or life changing project including volunteer work overseas.

Our Rotary Club was founded in 1935 and its members have been providing charitable support, community effort and financial donations ever since through the Trust and RoSET.  Sidcup Rotarians and the RoSET trustees are keen to attract additional funding to extend the good work achieved to date through the  respective Trust grants.   

The Rotary Club of Sidcup regularly organise events aimed at raising further funds for the Benevolent Trust, for RoSET and our charitable initiatives.  These have included sponsored walks, concerts in conjuction with a local orchastra and dance groups, a 'Battle of Britain' concert, quizes as well as public collections.   The latter includes our annual street collections during December when Father Christmas, his sleigh and helpers visit local areas in and around Sidcup to the delight of children and adults alike.  We also collect and support the Sidcup Extravaganza and collect at station, a local nursery and at business venues.  We are ever grateful to generosity of local residents and visitors who give so freely to our cause, especially at Christmas. 

Your support for our initiatives would be much appreciated, prove invaluable to the Trust and be put to good use in helping others in needs.   The Rotary Club takes nothing from the funds donated for administering the Trust.  The only expenses incurred are those directly related to any fundraising initiatives.

Young people interested in applying for a RoSET grant can obtain more information and an application form from the RoSET link on the Rotary Club of Sidcups website  Equally, anyone interested in the beneficiaries achievements  or becoming a Rotarian can refer to other parts of the website for details.

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