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Computer laboratory, Nyungwe Community Day Secondary School, Malawi

Welcome to the Turing Trust...

The Turing Trust is an African micro-development charity set up in 2009 to develop sustainable rural schools in Ghana. 
We believe that charity should be as transparent as possible whilst providing the maximum benefit for the minimum cost. For these reasons we regularly publish our most detailed accounts online and use the power of volunteering to keep our admin costs below 1% of our annual income. To see the results of our policies of full disclosure please go to our Finances web-page for more details. We hope that by providing such up front disclosure we might encourage other worthy charities to follow suit and join us in providing full disclosure to the philanthropic world. 
We fundraise through our enthusiastic supporters in our local communities to help the schools and wonderful communities who have made such a strong impression on the founding members of the Turing Trust.  With all of this support we are able to make huge changes to the lives of the children we work with in Ghana. Since the Trust began we have enabled 20 extra students to gain an education each year by constructing a girls dormitory, we have built and furnished a computer lab enabling a whole community to access to the digital world, donated over £30,000 and 55 computers to our associated schools in Ghana and most importantly ensured that hundreds of students have been able to gain an education. 
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The Turing Trust supports education in sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher training using ICT. Since 2009 we have installed thousands of computers in classrooms across Ghana, Liberia, Kenya and Malawi, supporting over tens of thousands of students to gain vital digital skills.

Our operations in the UK help provide training and volunteering opportunities, and promote the transition towards a circular economy through the reuse of electrical and educational equipment.

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