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S.A.L.V.E. is a small UK and Ugandan charity working hard to reduce the number of young people on the streets of Jinja, Uganda through education. We support children on the streets to return to their families (or another loving family) and to re-enter education.

We believe that:

  • No young person should have to live or work on the street.
  • Young people who have lived on the street deserve the chance to fulfil their potential.
  • Young people on the street should have trustworthy supportive adults around them.

Every day, children living on the streets are at risk of human rights abuses because they are not living in a safe family home. The scale of the problem is huge. A 2017 street children population survey estimated that there are more than 600 children living on the streets of Jinja, and another 3,000 out of school children who work on the streets during the day to survive.

We offer a personalised range of programmes to build trust with children who are living on the streets so they are able to move off the streets and have a brighter future through education. Our Street Outreach team builds relationships with children living on the streets through a combination of street walks, sports and drop in centre services. Many children on the streets have been mistreated and therefore find it extremely difficult to trust new people. Our team of dedicated social workers listen to them, run lessons for them, counsel them and offer medical care as needed, which helps to restore their faith in adults.

After building a strong bond with a child, we plan together how we can best support them to leave the streets. Some children are reunited with their families directly from the streets  but in most cases, a child is referred to our Halfway Homes (one for boys, one for girls) or Drug Rehabilitation Centre (if they have drug addiction), where they can stay for between 1-9 months as they adjust to life away from the streets. Here, they access further classes, care and counselling to prepare them to return home. Our support is always child centred and carefully adapted to create the highest chance of success.

We always aim to resettle a child within their extended family. In the last year, we reunited 68 children who were living on the streets with their families. Of these children, 87% were able to settle home successfully, when we carried out follow up visits. Once a child has been resettled, we use our regular follow up’s, after one week, one month and six months, to help the child settle at home and to assess the family situation. We offer educational support for children who would otherwise be unable to go to school and currently support 105 children to study.  We also offer business training and start up packages to help the family increase their income and support their children at home.  We have trained and mentored 112 families to run their own small businesses so far. We are members of advocacy networks such as The Consortium for Street Children, which challenge discrimination against homeless young people. We run training and action days in Uganda for members of the local community, including schools, local government and the police, to challenge negative views of children on the streets.

With your help, S.A.L.V.E. wants to build a better future for the next generation.

Thank you for your support.

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