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Tuppence a Toad

On 1st October 2010 Froglife launched the Tuppence a Toad campaign! During this year-long campaign, we are aiming to raise some much needed funds and awareness for our Toads on Roads project.

For the last 25 years Froglife has been coordinating Toad Patrols and campaigning for toad-friendly roads in order to help common toads as they migrate to their breeding ponds. In spring 2010 over 70,000 toads were helped across the UKs roads.  But thousands more were killed or injured...

The Tuppence a Toad campaign is asking people to collect their small change so we can make a big difference for toads. If everyone donated just 2p, there is a lot we can do! Businesses will also be challenged to donate 2p for every toad rescued in spring 2011 and pubs with a toad-themed name will be encouraged to have a "jar on the bar".

Froglife will be running events and competitions throughout the year-long campaign so there are plenty of ways you can get involved! Whether its collecting your tuppences, holding a sponsored "dress like a toad" day or coming along to our fantastic fundraising events. 

See for further details or for more information about the project itself.

Thank you!

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