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DIGNITY AND FREEDOM for the poor, the marginalised, and the outcastes of South Asia.

Over the last 20 years our movement has been responding to the requests of major community leaders to provide holistic, English-medium education so their communities can find true dignity and freedom in the modern world. 

We were asked to serve the poor, the marginalised and the outcastes of South Asia. We focus on restoring the diginity and freedom of women and children who are the most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse.

We do this through providing:

  • Education through our 100+ high quality, English-medium schools, serving over 26,000 children and their families from poor and marginalised communities.
  • Healthcare through clinics, community health workers, medical camps in remote areas, and HIV & AIDS centres.
  • Economic Empowerment through vocational training, business start-up grants, and self-help groups (LAMP groups).
  • Trafficking Prevention among at-risk women and girls, particularly in rural areas. This includes awareness, advocacy and prevention initiatives, as well as health, economic and education programmes.

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To find out more visit our website - www.dfn.org.uk - where you can also discover how to get involved with our work right here in the UK.  

You can follow our campaign on Facebook and on Twitter.

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