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Fundraising for Place2Be

Place2Be is a children’s mental health charity offering therapeutic and emotional support to over 90,000 children between the ages of 4 and 14 in 230 schools across the UK.

Today’s children are experiencing overwhelming challenges such as domestic violence, bereavement, family separation, sexual abuse and neglect. Faced with these constant hurdles it is no wonder that children often find themselves entering into a downward spiral of low aspirations, poor educational achievement and exclusion from school.

We give children a safe space where they can express their feelings in a way that suits them. Through creative work, talk and play, they can communicate and explore their problems, and develop coping mechanisms that will enable them to break down the emotional barriers that may prevent them from learning and making friends. 

The money you raise will make a real difference to those who need it the most:

£5 Could pay for a session at Place2Talk, our lunchtime drop-in service, for a child worrying about their parents' divorce

£10 Could pay for a one-to-one counselling session with a Place2Be trained professional for a child struggling to cope with the loss of their mother

£20 Could pay for a parent to receive vital counselling to help them to battle depression and re-engage with their children

£100 Could pay for group work for a class of children in need of reassurance and support after a rise in knife crime in their area

For more information please don't hesitate to e-mail

Thank you so much for your interest and we really hope you are able to donate and make a huge difference to a child's life.

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